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We Offer:
  • Massage Therapy
  • Body Treatments
  • Body Wraps & Polish
  • Fitness/Detox
  • Purified FAR Infrared Sauna
  • Spa Foot Ionizer
Last Updated: Jul 15, 2020

 Massage Therapist ,Geraldine Barrett ,RMT,SMT(C) is the owner, manager of Sunrise Wellness Spa.She brings a wide variety of techniques to  the Spa .Her passion is to offer the best to her clientelle,thus she attends many continuing education courses.After 30 yrs. in practice she still finds she needs to learn more.She beleives in  natural healing and organic skin care. The Spa industry offers many unique services that people can enjoy right in northwest Sask.

She enjoys gardening,her yard,sewing and talking heart to heart. She values her staff and is currently embracing the coaching techniques through Inspiring Champions.

Lucy Koenig,is a Front Desk service provider.She came to the Spa with  9 years of retail experience where she was the top sales person many months.She too embraces wholistic healing and natural products. She loves to put the message on the phone and let her smile radiate over the phone. She is currently taking Front Desk,Top Gun training and enjoying  the new challenges.

Working part time has allowed Lucy the time to enjoy her family and other interests in life.

Stacia Ramsay ,Esthetician

came from Edmonton where she invested 14 years in esthetic work.Her home is in Cutknife,so we find her content in Unity and close to home.She does a great facial and pedicures and is currently concentraing on learning the electronic pedicure machine from Stefanie.She has faithfully worked casual for 1 1/2 years and will now be partime full time.She has great touch and you will enjoy her services.

Stacia enjoys riding her motor bike with Dave and looking after their pitbull dogs.

Della Purser is a Front Desk Service provider

.She comes  to the Spa with years of expereince  working with people.She has very good people skills and will give you excellent customer service. She enjoys the spa services and can really explain the benefits of  going to the spa for services. 

She loves  the farm and enjoys being out in the fresh air working with her husband.. She loves her grandchildren and brings them to the Spa  to develop their taste as a  young Spa goer.

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