Last Updated: Jan 22, 2021

About Dwight Watson

Dwight Watson and his team are dedicated to helping a select group of business owners, farmers, and retirees living in southern Saskatchewan take control of their financial affairs.

Dwight follows a systematic, disciplined approach to portfolio building and wealth management. By structuring the planning process around the personal financial goals of his clients, Dwight makes financial decisions easier, and renews clients' confidence in their ability to achieve financial independence.

Dwight works best with clients who consider wealth a tool with which to secure a high quality of life for themselves and their families. These clients value the help of a trusted professional, and are looking for a financial expert who can guide them through long-term financial planning and handle day-to-day financial decisions.

For these clients, Dwight's straightforward, structured approach eliminates financial hassles and allows them to do what they want in life, without worrying about financial details.

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