We Offer:
  • Kichen Countertops
  • Bathroom Vanity
  • Furniture Top
  • Condominiums
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Luxury High Rises
Last Updated: Feb 25, 2020

What sets us apart from most companies is that the owner of the company is also the Lead fabricator and personally over sees every project from start to finish

With a combined knowledge of over 20 years in the industry. Originally learning the trade in the New England states, from an old Italian craftsman. Over the years, technology has changed. Our machinery is lighter and more powerful. We are no longer forced to use silica abrasives, such as sand paper and grinding stones. We now use ultra aggressive diamond technology, allowing us the ability to further push the limits of designing and fabricating natural stone. With this being said, our design capabilities have been vastly expanded.

Over 1200 Stone Colors Throughout our network of suppliers, there are over 1200 stone colors to choose from. 

Turnaround Time From point of conception, we always allow 2 weeks. Most of the time, it can be achieved in 1 week. We never want your existing kitchen/bathroom out of commission for more than 1 day. Removal of counter tops/sinks/appliances is not necessary until day of installation.
Customization is very important to us and it should be for you as well. We go a step farther to make sure you're completely happy with your purchase

Price can be the deciding factor for many. Our value extends beyond just low pricing.As a direct-to-public wholesaler, we can offer most competitive rates 
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