Last Updated: Feb 25, 2020

A good massage is more than the sum of the techniques used, but rather embraces the human being as a whole. When this is achieved, massage becomes art. When an artist paints a picture the artist can use techniques to facilitate expression but it is the art within that raises it beyond the everyday.

Every massage is art. My goal is to promote healing and rejuvenation for the whole person, discovering fresh balance from within.

Who comes to the spa?
Men, women and children of all ages.

Therapists are committed to excellence coupled with our serene spa environment, assures your health & relaxation needs will be addressed. Therapists address pain management, back problems, muscle strain & stress reduction to provide general wellness.

Benefits are:

  • Calm your nervous system & relax your muscles
  • Wipe away fatigue and reduce fibrosis & adhesions from injuries
  • Improve blood flow to your organs
  • Stimulate the release of brain chemicals that lift your mood & stimulate your immune system to do things that no drug can like actually helping PREVENT future health problems, even ones like heart disease.
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