Last Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Buyer Inspection
When buying a home there are many important decisions to make that can bring on stress.  A Home inspection can relieve the stress of wondering about the condition of the house.  A home inspection is a visual inspection all of the components used within a house are tested and/or operated to verify proper operation or installation. Doors and windows are opened and closed, roofing materials inspected, air-conditioning and heating systems operated. The Inspector will use the sinks and tubs, and showers, and flush the toilets. You will know if the heating and cooling components are operating correctly.  You will know the condition of the roof.  Is the visible wiring safe and adequate?  Are the cracks you see expected for the age of the house or should you be concerned about them?  When the inspector has completed the inspection he will give a detailed written report of all his observations and answer any questions you may have. 

Seller Inspection
A seller inspection is a good idea for the homeowner who may not be in tune with the condition of their home.  It will give an unbiased detailed description of all the components of the property.   Many offers may be withdrawn due to the buyer's findings from a home inspection. It may look great, but have technical, safety, or functional issues present without the owner's knowledge. Having the home inspected prior to placing on the market is the best way to identify and repair or disclose the issue found in the Inspection Report. 

Our inspections include:
Our inspectors gives you a thorough inspection with an easy to understand written report of the components of the house.  Buying or selling a house is not something we do everyday, the information on the report will help you through the process with peace of mind.  We detail both the positive and negative findings from the inspection. 

  • You receive a detail written report on the finds of the inspection.
  • All deficiencies along with positive points will be pointed out to give you a complete picture of the house.
  • Any safety hazards will be pointed out.
  • We will answer questions about the operation of the different components of the house.

What is inspected during an inspection

  • Roof and all components of the roof
  • exterior finishes
  • Decks, patios, sidewalks, driveway, retaining walls.
  • Foundation, basement, and crawl space.
  • All mechanical systems.  Heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical.
  • Walls and ceilings.
  • Doors and windows.
  • Garage.
  • Top to Bottom home safety and much more.
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