Last Updated: Sep 27, 2020

In its infancy, Grayson & Company began as the private practice of William Grayson, who came to Saskatchewan after graduating from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Ontario.  One of the pioneers of the City of Moose Jaw, William Grayson established a general practice of law to serve the residents of Moose Jaw and surrounding communities.  After working as a sole practitioner, he formed a partnership with Charles Ernest Armstrong, Thomas Emerson, and Lester McTaggart.

The Grayson family established roots in the City of Moose Jaw and was connected with the city’s growth and development over the years.  William Grayson acted as mayor for the City in 1903.

William Grayson passed away suddenly in 1926, but left behind his reputation for integrity, entrepreneurship, and care for the local community.  His law practice was assumed by his partners, and his family continued with his legacy when his son, Charles Douglas Grayson, became associated with his father’s law firm.

Over time, Grayson & Company has serviced the City of Moose jaw through its legal services and its continued care and involvement with the City’s growth and development.  It has also fostered the growth of many of Saskatchewan’s successful and reputable counsel, including Alister Muir, who later became the Honourable Judge Alister Muir of the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan.

Today, Grayson & Company has expanded to include 5 full-time partners and 2 in-house counsel, and is continuing to foster the education and training of the legal community through its participation in work experience programs with local high schools and Saskatchewan Universities.  The firm operates out of Moose Jaw, and it also maintains two satellite offices in Craik and Central Butte, Saskatchewan.

While Grayson & Company has evolved and adapted to maintain a current and innovative practice of law, it maintains a strong commitment to the Moose Jaw Community and provides the City and its surrounding communities with a broad range of competent and effective legal services, delivered with care and integrity.


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