Last Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Thorsness Appliance and Bedstore is owned and operated by the Father & Son team of Tom and Mike McIntyre. Tom started with "Thorsness" in October of 1972, Mike joined the team 20 years later in 1992 and took over managing the Yorkton Appliance Store in 1998. The second store is Thorsness Hardware in Saltcoats, managed by Dave McIntyre, Tom"s Brother and former partner in the "Thorsness" business. Thorsness Appliance & Bedstore specializes in Major appliance sales and service, having added the "Bedstore" part in 2011. They opened in Yorkton in 1988 as an appliance specialty store with the original Thorsness Hardware store dating back to it's original opening in 1945. Founders Wilf and Keith Thorsness still live in the area and are still considered ambassadors for the business. The McIntyre's have been operating the business since 1996, but have kept the "Thorsness" name because of its well known reputation.

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