Last Updated: Nov 19, 2019

It’s old and dependable technology but it’s new to this area and it’s an addition that will provide benefits for years to come says Yorkton’s Lawrence Rehaluk.

Local businessman and owner of Rehaluk’s Clean Sweep Contract-ing, Rehaluk is offering a new service in the city and it’s one that a builder shouldn’t be without he says.


It’s called screw piling which is a tried and true technology that’s been in use for about 150 years – just not here he says.


Making use of metal “screw piles” Rehaluk says pipe is hydraulically placed into the ground to provide support for everything from decks, to sheds, to grain bins, to houses and more.


“Say you’re building a deck or an addition on to your house,” he details. “The code is that you have to drill a hole for support.” Typically into that hole concrete is poured but that isn’t always the smartest, nor the most economical option he suggests.


Instead of concrete Rehaluk’s company will drill in the screw pile. This has a flange that when cork screwed into the ground spreads out and offers greater, indestructible support. The deeper you go, the harder the ground gets he says. “Frost can’t pull it up and it can’t push down because of the flange.”


A screw pile is made of various diameters of pipe material with a steel flange welded onto the bottom of the pipe shaft. A hydraulic drive motor is then attached to a piece of equipment (bobcat, skid-steer, boom truck, excavator, etc.) and is connected to the pile with drive pins. This drive motor rotates the pile downward to the desired depth.


“It’s like an anchor,” says Rehaluk that’s virtually indestructible.


“Right now the water table is very high... when you drill a hole, water starts moving into the hole immediately... If you’re going to be putting concrete... it’s almost impossible. You can’t pour concrete into a hole that’s full of water. It takes 30 days for concrete to cure if air can get at it. If it’s in the water it never cures totally.”


Screw piles eliminate the need for rebar and there is also virtually no ground disturbance. “There’s no dirt to haul away... there’s no waiting for a concrete truck and if you’re building at the lake where soil can be sandy and soft, you may not even be able to get a big truck into that area...” With screw piling there is no wait time and no guesswork says Rehaluk.


“Wherever we torque the screw pile in is where it stays... It’s designed, engineered and approved for the job. It’s not done by guesswork.”


It just makes sense he concludes.


Anyone interested in learning more, or in obtaining a free estimate can do so by calling Rehaluk on his cell at 641-5559 or at 782-3582.


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