Last Updated: Feb 27, 2020



Karzen Restorations - Refinishing Furniture Since 1937

Residential & Commercial Furniture Refinishing Expertise to Make Your Treasures Shine!

Residential - Our craftsmen and technicians have the experience and knowledge to rebuild your pianos and restore treasured furniture and valuable antiques to the original look the artisan desired and rekindle the fond memories andOliff Desk Restoration Closeupplaces of yesteryear. Each of your cherished possessions receives meticulous attention to detail.

If you have furniture styles from the 19th and 20th centuries, this furniture also receives meticulous attention. Alan Karzen Restoration provides some very stylish, contemporary artistic finishes such as Crackling, Marbleizing and Weathered looks.

  • Piano Refinishing and Rebuilding
  • Antique Conservation and Restoration
  • Custom Upholstering
  • Contemporary finishes
  • Furniture and Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing
  • On-site Touch-up and Maintenance


Commercial - At Alan Karzen Restoration, commercial clients are extremely particular regarding the work that needs to be done to their office, restaurant, hotel or bar. They can be assured that the final appearance of the item being refinished or restored will reflect the company’s highest standards of workmanship and professional expertise.

  • Restoring Bars and Restaurants
  • Restoring Hotel Lobbies
  • Refinishing Cabinets (Libraries, Conference Rooms, Churches and Country Clubs)
  • Leather Tops Replaced and Restored
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